How do dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships?

How do dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships?

It could be assumed that people are for the most part stable, predictable and have unique personality patterns that make them unique. Dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships and govern how people behave and react in situations. When people are raised in families where they have experienced hardship or intense negativity, they tend to carry these memories and will avoid situations that present them with similar memories.

Interpersonal relationships vary as they tend to deal with feelings and emotions and everyone feels different and views the world through different eyes depending on their culture and how they were raised. Dispositional theories consign people to categories based on their personality. For instance Blood is associated with a confident and optimistic personality; people like this are warmhearted and easygoing. Phlegm on the other hand is associated with those who are phlegmatic people. People who tend to be relaxed, calm and slow to action fall in to this dispositional theory.


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