Whats the difference between physiological and psychological needs?

The differences between physiological and psychological needs are that physiological needs deal primarily with basic external needs for the care and maintenance of the human body. Physiological needs are the common denominator of things each human needs to survive in today’s society. Basic human needs are universal in nature. These physiological needs include simple basic needs such as nourishing food, clean water, shelter, and clean air. Other considerations could include a balanced nutritional diet, decent clothes to wear and sexual reproduction can also be included when considering a humans physiological needs. There are internal motives that instinctively drive a person to move in a forward direction. There are also the physiological needs which are not so obvious which also drive a person such as curiosity and boredom.

Within human beings there is a deep need to connect to others this is called psychological needs and include the inherent need for touch and social interaction. Love, friendship and intimacy are also included in the psychological. Humans also have another inherent need and desire to move forward. They hold within them strong feelings and motivation to strive toward growth and accomplishment. This is the evolutionary pull which includes the process of growing and developing as an individual. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs details this idea in organized way moving from the lower physiological needs to the needs of safety, belongingness, esteem, on up to self-actualization. For a person to live a fulfilled and happy life Maslow postulated that the lower needs must be met before the higher needs can be met.

Farrah Sharpe


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